With over a decade of VOIP experience we can advise your company how to deploy, manage, and grow your telephony services; recommend and manage vendors; and engineer systems to deliver optimum performance.

VOIP Engineering

InfoRailway specializes in customized, scaled solutions utilizing OpenSIPs, FreeSwitch, Sansay, Asterisk, and other software.  Our VOIP clients include national CLECs, service aggregators, and application developers.

Metrics and Reporting

InfoRailway can build customized information portals for your network.  Our past deployments have included provisioning tools, real-time call monitoring, quality and performance alerts, call rating, customer billing, and CDR retrieval and analysis.

Vendor Management

InfoRailway has worked with the top VOIP vendors in the country.  We can use our experience to help you choose a new provider, manage your current vendors, determine costs, or audit your bills.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the industry’s technical jargon — at InfoRailway we speak VOIP so you don’t have to.